Tour Golf Ball Guides

What Are Tour Golf Balls

What Are Tour Golf Balls And Why Use Them

Golfers of all abilities aspire to play like the professionals on the PGA tour, but while not every player has such low handicaps as those who golf for a living, they can use the same golf balls.

How To Spin A Golf Ball

How To Spin A Golf Ball (How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball)

The most common 'trick' used to accomplish many of the maneuvers such as angling or curving around obstacles like trees, or making a ball 'hit the brakes' when it gets to the other end of its flight is backspin.

Four Piece Golf Balls

Four Piece Golf Balls - A Look At Their Construction

Four piece golf balls are a relatively new invention that allows even greater control on the golf course. In the beginning golf balls were made of solid formable materials in one piece and often with a smooth surface.