Over the past 5 years we’ve built hundreds of profitable niche affiliate websites and have helped thousands of people do the same with our popular affiliate website builder - Build A Niche Store (BANS).

'Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month' is our step-by-step guide that teaches you everything you need to know about making money from niche affiliate websites and walks you by the hand every step of the way whether you're new to this concept of making money online or are already a veteran site developer.

It really is quite simple to 'Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month' by working through our guide and it's also quite possible to reach for higher numbers (ie: 30 to 50 grand a month) if you are willing to 'treat it like a business'!

What Does Our Guide Cover?

Our guide breaks down this entire business model into 10 easy to follow, image rich steps that walk you through every aspect of making money from niche affiliate websites.

Here's 2 Sites We Built By Following The Guide

Throughout the guide we show you exactly how the following 2 sites were built:

Site 1: Forged Golf Irons

Site Details:

* Target Market: Forged Golf Irons
* Domain Name: http://www.ForgedGolfIrons.com
* Site Platform: WordPress
* Average Monthly Profit: £218.30 ($346.50)

The Past 9 Months Earnings - £1,964.68 ($3,118.16)

Site 2: Blade Golf Irons

Site Details:

* Target Market: Blade Golf Irons
* Domain Name: http://www.BladeGolfIrons.com
* Site Platform: Build A Niche Store (BANS)
* Average Monthly Profit: £152.41 ($241.79)

The Past 9 Months Earnings - £1,371.66 ($2,175.86)

Nothing Has Been Left Out Of This Guide!

From explaining the opportunity (in step 1), choosing profitable markets to target (in step 2), planning a site that will make you money (in step 3), explaining the value of content and how to write it (in step 4), building your actual website using WordPress or BANS (in step 5), marketing your website (in step 6), managing your website once live (in step 7), expanding your network by building more sites (in step 8), increasing production by outsoucing site development tasks (in step 9) and finally how to treat this opportunity like a "real" business (in step 10).

Step 1: Get Started

Shows You Where The Money Is, Why It's There And The Basics Of How You Make It.

The Best Of Step 1:

* The Rise Of The Search Engines
* Internet Consumer Habits
* The Opportunity Of Affiliate Programs

Step 2: Pick A Market

Shows You How To Choose Markets To Target To Make The Money You Want To Make.

The Best Of Step 2:

* What Is A Market?
* What Are The Requirements?
* How Do You Find Them?

Step 3: Plan Your Website

Shows You How To Research Your Chosen Market(s) And Plan A Money Making Website.

The Best Of Step 3:

* The Importance Of Planning
* What Your Site Needs And Why
* How To "Map Out" (Research) Your Market

Step 4: Create Your Content

Shows You Simple Techniques Which Enables The Speedy Production Of Quality Content.

The Best Of Step 4:

* The Purpose Of Your Content
* Your Two "Types" Of Content
* Using Internet Resources

Step 5: Build Your Website

Shows You How To Turn Your Website Plan Into A Real Website That's Ready To Make Money.

The Best Of Step 5:

* The Approach And The Goal
* Templates, Logos, Page Strucutre etc...
* My Own "Start To Finish" Blueprint

Step 6: Market Your Website

Shows You How To Get People To Your Website And Money Out Of It.

The Best Of Step 6:

* Why Almost NO Marketing Is Necessary
* Why Your Site Will Rank On Its Own
* What You Need To Know About Search Engines

Step 7: Manage Your Website

Shows You How To Minimize Maintenance And Maximize Production Over The Longer Term.

The Best Of Step 7:

* Why Management Is Important
* What Needs To Be Done And Why
* Periodical Reviews And Updates

Step 8: Building Your Next 9 Sites

Shows You How To Quickly And Effectively Go From 1 Money Making Website To A Network Of 10.

The Best Of Step 8:

* Repeating The Process
* Moving Into Outsourcing And Expansion
* The More You Build The More You Make!

Step 9: Look Into Outsourcing

Shows You How To Increase Development And Make Much More Money By Hiring Talented People.

The Best Of Step 9:

* Doing Your "First Site Right" Before Expanding
* What "Outsourcing" Costs And What It Makes
* What I Outsource, Why And Where To Find People

Step 10: Bonus - Treat It Like A Business

"Treat It Like A Business" - How To Shoot For 30 To 50 Grand A Month Or Million Dollar Annual Networks.

The Best Of Step 10:

* Getting Above The Guide
* The Need For A Little Faith
* The End Game - 7 Figure Networks

"Access Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month Today" - Join Thousands Of People Who Are Making This Online Opportunity WORK - (It's A small One-Time-Fee of JUST $99.95 $49.95 - And It's Also Risk-Free)

* We accept all major debit and credit cards plus PayPal.

Here's What Some Of Our Customers Have To Say :)

One Big Safety Net!

If you're at all confused about what you're "meant" to be doing to make money online - invest in this product.

It will straighten your brain out on what you're meant to be doing and why you're meant to be doing it.

Exactly what I needed - thanks Kelvin.

By Melanie

A Real Diamond

Everything you need to know to make 3 to 5 grand a month from your home computer.

It is exactly what it says it is!

Plus 1.

By Jenny Stokes

Wasn't Expecting That!

Much more than I was expecting.

It says complete blueprint - it is a complete blueprint.

Buy, print, folder, read, process, refer.

It's all here - neatly explained with supporting illustrations and examples.

A great production and a real addition to the stuff available on "the real internet opportunity".

I'll be using this for the next 3 years min!


By Billy

Really Impressed With How Much Structure And Direction The Guide Gives Me

I spent a bunch of time studying the over the weekend and I have to tell you that I am really impressed with how much structure and direction the guide gives me. The real benefit of all of this is that you can stay focused and keep moving forward. Even if you are only going to be doing this in your "spare time" you can be assured that the guide will help you get the most from your time.

By Jay

The Map I Need

Read a few pages and am hooked already! This guide looks like being the map I need.

By William Jacobs

An Absolutely Amazing Guide

Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month is an absolutely amazing guide to follow re: setting up niche affiliate websites.

By Elijah

"Access Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month Today" - Join Thousands Of People Who Are Making This Online Opportunity WORK - (It's A small One-Time-Fee of JUST $99.95 $49.95 - And It's Also Risk-Free)

* We accept all major debit and credit cards plus PayPal.

A Complete, Unified Approach To Building Sites That Make Money

I'm working my way through Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month as well. I'm impressed with the depth of instruction. What particularly struck me was how they seem to have thought the whole thing through, obviously over time and after a lot of experience, so that the whole thing is a complete, unified approach to building sites that make money.

By Jay

The New Guide Was a Timely Purchase for Me

During the reading (of Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month), a light-bulb went off and I followed their method. I just want to share that their method for building sites is one I haven’t thought of or seen before, but it made building the site very easy. Plus, I agree with what they said about not having to work too hard at adding content if you follow their philosophy. The site I am building isn’t really conducive to writing article about, but using the info from this guide is making content adding very easy.

I might have mentioned in my previous post that I wasn’t going to buy this guide. But, honestly, I learned something that I think will prove to be of value as I build more sites.

By Blog Post On NicheStoreStrategies.com

Step 3 Just Blew Me Away!

Having been involved in building just about every type of website from ecommerce, to CMS, to portals and niche sites, over the course of the last 15+ years… I can honestly say, I just learned something new (from Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month)! Honestly… Wow! Great Job – Thank you!

By Mark Hansen

Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month

I would highly recommend buying this guide, I will be using it and its given me a good view on where my own sites have gone wrong or let me down, fortunately I’m not too far off the mark so I’m pretty happy about that.

Overall a great knowledge base, which is honest about the work involved, the effort required and the route to success in online money making.

By Jackie


Finally a guide for building pro looking sites for "green" webmasters. Easy and straight forward, anyone can copy this and succeed.

By Harald Hoel


I just got it about an hour ago and i must say, "this is the most complete guide to niche marketing ever!!!

By Remco Buining

"Access Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month Today" - Join Thousands Of People Who Are Making This Online Opportunity WORK - (It's A small One-Time-Fee of JUST $99.95 $49.95 - And It's Also Risk-Free)

* We accept all major debit and credit cards plus PayPal.


When I think of all of the time I have wasted trying to make money from websites that use what I think are great keywords, I become nauseated.

I have skimmed through the guide once and have begun reading it in earnest now. Wow!!!! I wish I had this when I first started in March of 2008. I have bought many ebooks and systems touted by the so called gurus that did nothing for me.

Not so here!

By Rick Blackmon

Hype-free and straight forward guide to making money online

Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month is a refreshingly concise yet thorough guide to developing an income generating website.

Absent of ridiculous hype, claims of instant retirement, or "almost no work required" nonsense, this step by step manual explains everything from researching target markets to actual site construction in a way that can literally be followed point by point, start to finish. Highlights include specific numbers and statistics to look for, clear visual examples, and realistic expectations of the amount of work needed to see (realistically estimated) profits. This has given me a focus to get started on the right path with this system, and I'm excited to start working with it.

By Evan Gregor

Thank You

I want to say "Thank You" very much for the 9 step program.I have truly enjoyed reading over Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month.I am a newbie and that is why it has meant so much to me.I believe it will be a great incourgement and shed alot of light to the newbies.

By Allen

A Very Wonderful Job

I have been reading lot of internet marketing stuff since last 8 years and frankly no guide(Which is costing even 3 figures)gave me the exact direction for actually starting the online business.This guide is indeed "Hot" and over delivers than it promises.

I have completed first 5 chapters and it appears that my goal is very clear now. I have to just get the right information, put it together and that's all.

While reading the first two chapters, (the presentation is mind blowing), I wondered how the proper thinking and actions can actually open the doors to the wealth.

I am the proud owner of "Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month" and thank the team for exposing these real secrets.

By Jayant Patil

All Under One Roof

All the affiliate wisdom under one roof...


By GB Singh

Full Of Useful And Vital Information

I love this guide! For someone like me, who finds it difficult to get organised, this is perfect. All I have to do is copy each of the 9 steps described in the make money online blueprint, and at the end of that process I will have a niche website that has every chance of making good money for years to come.

Is it worth buying this guide? You bet it is!

Unlike many guides available, this one is full of useful and vital information for successful niche store building, without any "fluff" or "filler".

By Polly

"Access Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month Today" - Join Thousands Of People Who Are Making This Online Opportunity WORK - (It's A small One-Time-Fee of JUST $99.95 $49.95 - And It's Also Risk-Free)

* We accept all major debit and credit cards plus PayPal.

A Formula For Success

Imho, it really is a formula for success. I can't imagine anyone truly following the guide coming back a year later saying they didn't make any money.

By Michael Stokes

I Am Impressed

Just scanned through it all and I am impressed.

It has a good grounding and good explanations and examples of how to take a site from selection to a fully made money earning monster!

By Frankie

I Can't Believe All The Things I Was Doing Wrong

I just started reading through it. I can't believe all of the things I was doing wrong. I'm excited about starting a new site using many of the tactics they recommend.

By Rachel

Congratulations on an excellent guide

Wish I had it a year ago

If you haven't bought it ..


By Jeremy

I Wish I Had It When I Started

I think the newbie's and the so called pro's will find it extremely useful.

For a guy like me with 109 sites, I wish I had it when I started.

And there is a ton of stuff I didn't know about and I will use on some of my sites and future sites.

The layout and the step by step is great.

By Michael Scotson

Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month E Learning Training Course

If you are struggling with making a living online the the guide is a must have for your training. I struggled and still do. I’m going to follow this guide step by step and learn everything I can.

Personally Building Niche Sites has changed my life. It has given me a comfortable income and I have retrained myself from a home builder into a so so Internet Marketer. I love it.

By Bill

"Access Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month Today" - Join Thousands Of People Who Are Making This Online Opportunity WORK - (It's A small One-Time-Fee of JUST $99.95 $49.95 - And It's Also Risk-Free)

* We accept all major debit and credit cards plus PayPal.

Is The New Guide For You?

From what I’ve seen so far, I am looking forward to exploring it in depth and setting up a new niche site following the 9 steps.

By Maggie

A Great Master Plan, Business Plan!

I love the detail and images as they spell out the information well.

The guide is a great master plan, business plan!

By Dave

Is it worth buying?

Yes definitely, especially if you are keen to follow a method that will allow you to build up a network of income generating websites that will eventually replace your current salary or give you an extra and substantial income source.

This is no magic bullet though and you will have to work intially to put the first site together, but when the money starts coming in you can start to outsource more of the work (the guide tells you how to do this!) and the speed at which you build more sites gets quicker and quicker.

By Jenny Thompson

The Best Way To Make Money Online - Hype Free And Scam Free

If this were available when I got started, it would have saved me much of the year I wasted.

By Simon

Are You Ready To Make Money Online?

I SOOO wish I would have had this guide when I was just starting my Internet Marketing venture.

And to be really honest, even if you're a veteran it's well worth the money! It's a really nice guide that shows you how Internet Marketing is suppose to work. Money Well Spent!

By Jake

Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month - Is This Guide Worth The Money?

I must say I’m impressed.

I’m an avid reader and I usually refer to most of the stuff I find as “fluff” without any real guidance but this guide is truly a step-by-step guide on how to use the internet to make money.

By Suzanne Franco

"Access Make 3 To 5 Grand A Month Today" - Join Thousands Of People Who Are Making This Online Opportunity WORK - (It's A small One-Time-Fee of JUST $99.95 $49.95 - And It's Also Risk-Free)

* We accept all major debit and credit cards plus PayPal.

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